How Chatbots Can Benefit Your Business

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Currently, there is an influx of chatbot applications in Indonesia. One of the best is These applications are becoming popular in the country because of their ease of use and many benefits. Indonesian chatbots can understand bahasa Indonesia, terkadang pesan, and percakapan. Here are some of the best examples of chatbots. Listed below is a brief description of each one. We hope this article has given you some insight into how they can benefit you and your business.


With its Natural Language Processing and artificial intelligence (NLP) chatbot technology, Botika is able to understand conversations in Bahasa Indonesia. The AI chatbot is capable of answering questions from five categories and is currently available on Facebook Messenger, Line Messenger, and Telegram Messenger. It will soon be available on Slack and as a web widget. Botika is an ideal chat assistant for online business owners, as it helps businesses by creating one dashboard and integrating several social networks.

A bot that monitors social media pages for Cooperating Companies of Botika in Indonesia can answer questions from customers. OmniBot will respond to basic questions in the comment section, and complex questions will be referred to a CS admin for further assistance. Botika has a large number of cooperating pharmacies in the region. This means that it is easy to access one. A CS admin at a cooperative company can address any questions that arise in a timely fashion.


The voicebot is a computer software program that can help you answer customer queries. Its artificial intelligence and natural language processing ability will help you in many ways, including primary support. A voicebot can also be used for customer service, which is an essential part of digital business. Voicebots are a great tool to use when you want to improve your business. But how can you benefit from voicebots in Indonesia? Let us find out.

Unlike human agents, voice bots can provide information and answer questions very easily. A voice bot can integrate with any system or database, allowing it to understand a customer’s needs and journey. It can also be customized and offer information based on pre-defined guidelines. In addition, voice bots can continuously improve their accuracy and predictability through the use of AI. To ensure that your voice bot can give customers the best service possible, it’s a great idea to make it as personal and customizable as possible.


An Indonesian startup, Botika, has launched a new product called the Omnibotika chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to automate customer service. The company originally provided flight ticket reservations but, due to the rising demand, it decided to find ways to automate its services. Botika has released two products that utilize this technology: the ‘chatbotika’ product, which automates customer service, and the ‘voicebotika’ chatbot, which uses text to speech technology to provide information in natural language. The CEO of the startup, Ditto Anindita, recently declared that chatbots are the future of financial services. The ‘chatbot’ bots are already capable of checking personal information, mutating transactions, and updating financial information.

Its AI capabilities mean that it can understand Bahasa Indonesian conversations and respond to customers in five different categories. Omnibotika chatbot currently supports Facebook Messenger, Line Messenger, and Telegram Messenger, and will soon support Slack. The chatbot is also capable of creating a single dashboard and integrating several social platforms. Its UI/UX capabilities help users understand the product and the needs of their customers.


The Indonesian government is trying to make social media accessible to people who need help. The MapaKalmidad chatbot was developed in partnership with the nonprofit organization PetaBencana to help victims of flooding in Jakarta report the situation on Twitter. A chatbot on Twitter named @PetaBencana links to a website where users can report floods, plotting the data in real time. This approach is designed to help charities and governments use social media as a platform to deliver crowdsourced maps during disasters.

PT Indosat

If you’re looking for help in resolving a customer service problem or need more information, you can now do so with PT Indosat chatbot. You can send a message to the chatbot in the Indosat app, or use the direct messaging feature to reach customer service representatives. The chatbot will answer your questions, resolve keluhan masalah, and provide answers to any customer service issues you may have.

To start using this bot, you’ll need to sign up for the service on the Indosat website, where you’ll be able to log in with your account information. Depending on your subscription level, you’ll need to provide some information to allow the bot to recognize you. In general, chatbots will have a limited vocabulary, so make sure you understand the language that the bot uses. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using the chatbot correctly.

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