10 Easy Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas For Kids

Are you looking for some new and creative cake decorating ideas? This article will provide you with some great ideas for cake decorating. The inspiration for this article was a simple trip to our local cake decorating shop.

Cake Decorating Ideas

If you have ever walked into a baking and decorating supply store, you know that they stock a huge variety of recipes for different types of pastries, cookies, cupcakes, jams and biscotti. And while these pastries and cookies may be pretty, they can also be very boring. That’s why I decided to take a chance and purchase a couple of books on basic cake decorating techniques so that I could come up with some original ideas. I was not disappointed with the results. Here’s what I discovered:

First, when it comes to cake decorating ideas, you should never skip the marzipan. I didn’t buy the book that contained just plain old marzipan. I bought a volume of recipes specifically for using marzipan in decorating. I was amazed at how many different types of marzipan cookies and treats there were. In addition, I found a beautiful dessert called cream cheese frosting that came in a variety of colors and flavors.

Next, don’t skimp on the recipe for sprinkles. You can’t go wrong with sprinkles no matter what type of icing you use. Here’s another thing that I learned from my trip to the baking supplies store; don’t use just any sprinkles.

Make sure the recipe calls for either coarse or fine sugar. If the recipe doesn’t specify one or the other, go with coarse sugar. These types are harder and will produce larger, bolder flavor. Fine sugar will produce smoother results and is easier to control with a decorating bag. I’m going to share something else about decorating cakes.

The first time I made a batch of non-stick angel food cake mix and frosting and tried to use a non-stick coating I ended up ruining the entire cake. The cupcakes were absolutely delicious however, but the icing was very slippery. It took a couple of tries before I got the hang of it. Now, while this won’t happen to all of your recipes, if the icing sugar is very thick, it will prevent the frosting from sticking to the cake. I recommend making the frosting a bit thinner than the recipe calls for and testing this with your finger as you decorate.

When decorating chocolate cake, I found that there were two different ways I could use glitter. The first way was to spray the tops of the cakes with a non-stick spray and then sprinkle gold sprinkles all over. The second way is to write icing on the bottom of each piece of cake and to sprinkle white chocolate chips over the pieces I want to decorate. Both methods work great and make a great addition to the Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Pecans dessert I baked.

For some reason I seem to always come up with new and creative decorating ideas for my cakes. For example, one day I put red and pink icing on blueberries and the next day blueberries and red licorice on a chocolate cake. I also let my imagination run wild when it comes to writing icings on the bottom of cupcakes and topping them with cute little sprinkles. So remember, just because a recipe doesn’t specifically say to use a specific kind of icing doesn’t mean you can’t turn that recipe into your own unique creation.

One of my favorite easy birthday cake decorating ideas is to make gingerbread houses out of gum paste. You simply need to purchase a package of gum paste and simply roll out the mixture to create the house. Icing the gingerbread houses to match the theme of your event is easy and all you need is a fork. If you decide to make a gingerbread house that has an electric turn on the light, you can make this an easy and quick dessert.

Another fun easy idea for birthday cakes is to decorate with buttercream icing. This kind of icing only takes a short time to put together and you can vary the color to create a bold or a subtle look. To make buttercream icing you will need a food color cake mix and about one tablespoon of butter. Next you will need either a food color cake mix or a stick blender. Mix up the ingredients and then you’re ready to create a one-dimensional cake. Sprinkling some confetti or candy confetti on top of your frosted cake and adding a few drops of green food coloring will give it a great look.

Character cake pans are a fun alternative if you’re having a themed birthday party. These character cake pans come in many different shapes and sizes. You can even find ones with a handle so you can transfer them easily from the cake pan to the cupcake table. Character cake pan recipes can be found online and in cook books. This is a great way to add a little extra flavor to your child’s birthday cake.

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