Why Investing in Sobha Projects Can Make Sense For You

The Sobha Projects is a residential property development strategy conceived and developed by the award winning architect RN Phadnis. It is a series of innovative developments across nine cities in Maharashtra. The idea behind the Sobha projects is to create a network of infrastructure facilities, inclusive of recreational amenities, hotels, schools, markets, residential bungalows, temples and the like. With the help of these facilities, the economy of a community can be developed, and ultimately poverty can be eradicated. The initial concept of the Sobha project was that each of the nine communities in Mumbai would have its own housing plan. This way, people from different areas of Mumbai would get integrated and thereby create a balanced lifestyle in the city.

However, over the past few years, the focus of the Sobha projects has changed from being just residential to something much more. Today, you will find that the focus of the Sobha project is to create an environment that is multi-faceted, vibrant and thriving. To this end, the project boasts of five exclusive executive residential townships located at various key locations in and around Mysore. These townships are home to innovative and technologically advanced malls, shopping complexes, and restaurants. They also offer a wide range of recreational facilities, including a first class club and an MNC office.

Other executive residential properties include a fully furnished MNC office building and MNC extension in Vasai. Also present are fully furnished apartments and serviced apartments in Andheri, Fountain, Pune and Velshodar. In fact, the list of executive properties does not stop at mysore. At present, there are projects in the pipeline for executive residential properties in Thane, Ganesh, Bhau Daji, Bhenjang, Satkhanda, Kolhapur and Vagamon. In addition to the executive residential properties, there are also a series of commercial properties in the pipeline, including hotels, a food park and a shopping complex in Banshankari.

However, if you want to own a piece of this lucrative realty portfolio, you should do your research well before investing in any Sobha Project. For one, it is important to know which areas of the project will fall under your target market. The projects located in the city’s metropolitan areas like Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and Secunderabad will be far more lucrative than those located in the less populated or outlying areas of the city. Also, ensure that you only invest with projects registered with the Property Registration Commission of India (PRCIS) and accredited by The Joint Commission on Property Management (JPML). It is imperative that the property you purchase has a clear title, and the property management company you are investing with has a genuine certificate.

While investing in Sobha real estate, it is important to remember that there are no guarantees. It is important to understand that these projects have a long way to go in their development. However, investment in Sobha projects will certainly boost your net worth. If you are looking for a substantial amount of money, then you can definitely consider investing in the prime areas of any of the Sobha projects. These areas include Gurgaon, Lower Parel, Chanakya, and Surat. However, it is important to be cautious while investing in any of the prime locations, as even prime locations do have a high risk factor attached to them.

However, there are certain factors that will work in your favor while investing in Sobha properties, which include the long history of success of the projects, the attractive location of the projects, the credible title maintenance and title insurance company, and an experienced real estate agent. It is also important to understand that investing in any property does not guarantee you of a return, but merely guarantees you of profit until the period stipulated in the franchise agreement ends. Thus, it is important to find a suitable franchise agreement that suits your needs and budget, and ensure that you are legally entitled to the income generated from the property. Otherwise, all your investment will go to waste, as the franchise agreement has no provision for returns.

Investing in Sobha Real Estate Projects provides you with the perfect opportunity to enter into contracts with the related project companies. There are various franchise models available, and you can choose the one that is best suited to your requirements. The major benefit of such a model is that you get a say in how your franchise business will be run, as you are already involved in the project from its inception. However, there are other benefits of investing in the real estate through a franchise, which includes the regular training provided to the staff in the field. Such a training program ensures that the right people are inducted in your organization, which ensures that the projects run on time and produce great results.

Investing in Sobha Real Estate Projects also ensures that you have access to a network of potential buyers, which will help you increase your profits. This is because properties in prime locations tend to attract more people, resulting in a higher sale price. These properties also tend to have a good resale value, especially when you are looking to resell the property. Finally, investing in these projects also ensures that you have an entry into a rapidly growing sector of the property market. As demand for apartments and other forms of real estate are increasing exponentially, you can expect steady growth in your business.

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